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Who is Glow Confidently


My name is Caridad Blondett and  I am the proud owner of Glow Confidently.  I am a wife, I am a mom, I am a daughter to two elderly parents, I am a sister, I am a friend.  I am a WOMAN!!  A Phenomenal Woman!   It took me 40 years to figure out that in order for you to become a Phenomenal Woman you must learn to put yourself first.   You, are the most important person in this journey called Life.  It may sound a bit selfish but trust me it's selfull.  When you put yourself first in life and learn to love yourself unconditionally,  you teach people in your life to also love you unconditionally.  You no longer allow people to treat you any less then you deserve. As a result, you Glow Confidently! 

The Goddess Ritual Process

My Goddess Riuals are personalized.  They take anywhere from 3 days to a week to prepare.  I only make them when I am cleansed of all negative thoughts and I am vibrating at my highest frequency.  I hand make every bath and scrub myself.   Preparing the Rituals are my form of meditation.   I set my intention specifically on the Woman who is receiving the Ritual. I pray that the scrub remove any obstacles  that may be weighing her down and the Bath may uplift and empower her.  I then place it on my altar and charge it.  During this process I pray that you remain calm in your most difficult times and that your Crown lay protected with a veil of clarity, peace and patience.  I pray that your third eye opens and that you begin to see clearly. That you learn to listen to your intuition first and foremost with no doubts.  I pray that you always have courage to speak your truth.  I pray that you are filled with self love and confidence,  so you can learn the right way to love and be loved by others.  I pray that you give birth to beautiful brilliant ideas that fill your soul with purpose.  I pray for your protection, for your physical and mental health.  I pray that you are abundantly blessed and enlightened within every area of your life.  I pack every Ritual with instructions on how to use it and how to speak your magic into it and manifest all that your heart desires.  Lastly every Ritual comes with a Goddess Message for you.  I ask that you research this Goddess and figure out what she is trying to teach you at this present moment in your Life.

Other Products

All  products are inspired by Spirit,  so they all have a specific purpose.  Most products are handmade by me  all products are  charged on my personal altar,  before being packed and sent to its new home.  So they are full of my energy and the energy of my Spiritual Squad.  Your Magic is the missing ingredient in every product delivered to you.  I ask when you receive your products,  take a moment to hold it in your hands and say out loud with clear intention what you wish to receive from it.  You are Magical and your words hold your power.  Ashe!!!!